Product Reviews

ABCOSport Tent Review

Let me preface this blog article with the following disclaimer:  I am not an outdoorsy type of guy. I NEVER go camping, much less by myself and I am what people might refer to as an “avid indoorsman”. My idea of roughing it is a hotel with no room service. Which is why I am […]

Review: Clear Water Distilling Co.

I’m such a sucker for compelling advertising. I can’t seem to get enough of it. I mean, as a kid on vacation with my family down in Florida I would often stay up in the hotel room, watching infomercials instead of going down to the beach with my brother and sisters. I collect junk mail. […]

Product Review: Stave and Thief Society’s Certified Bourbon Steward Program

A couple years ago, I was sitting up in my home office, watching YouTube on my TV. I wasn’t watching anything in particular, just scrolling through my suggested feed and watching whatever interested me. There’s a channel that I subscribe to which is run by a guy named Jeremy Siers that I particularly enjoy. I […]

Fastic App Review

In late February of 2021 I went to the doctor for an annual check up and was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. This was a huge blow for me. I knew I was severely overweight and unhealthy, but up to that moment was never really inclined to take care of myself. Sure, I had lost […]

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