Bring Your Passion With You

If you live in Boise and have been here for more than say, a year or two, then inevitably you know who “The Sign Flipper Guy” is. There’s this guy who is a sign flipper extraordinaire.  You know what a sign flipper is, right? It’s a guy (or more rarely, a gal) who stands out […]

Why Hobbies Are Important

The day after I graduated high school, a friend of mine and I were sitting on the back of my pickup truck, talking about our futures. My friend turned to me and asked, “So what are you going to do now…go work for your dad?” My dad at the time owned a finance company that […]

Choose Your Pain

I’m 34 hours and 37 minutes into a 36-hour fast. Despite not eating anything for the last couple days, I feel surprisingly good. My head is clear. My thoughts are sharp. Physically I am feeling lighter, more energetic, and not really hungry at all. The first 24 hours were the hardest, but after that it […]

That Time I Got Stuck in a Wetsuit

This summer I was fortunate enough to achieve a lifelong dream of becoming scuba certified. I was certified in my late teens, but as I got older and older, fatter and fatter, I just never did pick the hobby back up. Until recently. And man am I glad I did. It is so much fun! […]

3 Tips for Intermittent Fasting

When people ask me how I have managed to lose over 65lbs and keep it off I will generally point to 3 things…what I eat, when I eat, and exercise. These principles are nothing new and have been time tested for millennia. The formula seems pretty straightforward: eat less than you need and burn off […]

Husband. Father. Entrepreneur. In that order. I also happen to be a Certified Bourbon Steward, cigar aficionado, and Licensed Drone Pilot. This is my journey.


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