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The Power of Responsibility

**Note: this article is adapted from an ebook that I wrote called "Take Your Life Back: A Practical Guide to Self-Creation". If you would like a free copy of this ebook, please visit here: https://go.tobebrockner.com/get-ebook

In his seminal book, Man’s Search for Meaning, psychiatrist and neuroscientist, Dr. Viktor E. Frankl posits that the meaning of life can be found in responsibility.

This is a profound notion if you give it even casual thought. Our willingness to take on responsibility for our lives is what gives it purpose. Imagine that for a moment if you will. Whatever you end up getting out of life - or do not get out of it - is completely up to you. 

Holding yourself responsible for the actions you are taking, owning them, and not giving any excuses for failing to conduct those actions is the meaning of Life!

On the one hand, that is very encouraging news. That means that our life’s meaning is up to us individually. It is something we can control.

On the other hand, this is disconcerting. It means that we and we alone are responsible for manifesting that meaning in our lives. That can feel a little overwhelming at times.

But, none of us has to walk this path alone necessarily. In fact, when we walk it with others, it can make the path that much easier to navigate. It’s like a patient of psychotherapist Irvin Yalom said, “Even though you’re alone in your boat, it’s always comforting to see the lights of the other boats bobbing nearby.”

My strategy for dealing with this is to hold weekly Responsibility Calls with my peers. We used to call these Accountability Calls, but I found that there was a negative connotation with the word “accountability” and that the word Responsibility more accurately reflected the nature of these calls.

Each week, 3-4 of my colleagues who are using this system I have developed to create their own potential selves will meet via Zoom for just 15-20 minutes or so to go over our weekly Vision tasks.

Each person goes in turn and will review the tasks he/she committed to accomplishing the previous week with the group. They will state whether they completed the task or not and jot down any pertinent notes about the week. They will then move on to the next week and list out the task they are committing to. These calls are singularly powerful for helping each of us stay the course and get our weekly tasks done.

I can personally attest to the fact that being on these weekly calls, knowing that I will have to face my peers and state whether I accomplished what I had taken the responsibility for accomplishing or not, drives me each week to make sure I give the appropriate time and attention to those tasks during the week.

The last thing I want to have happen, is show up not having completed my tasks, or at the very least, not having given it my best effort.

Exercise: find 2-3 like-minded peers, have them read this ebook, and then commit to getting on a weekly Responsibility Call with you and watch all of your lives change.


If you would like to join us on a Responsibility  Call, please reach out to me and I will slot you into a group that is running. If you want more info about how to start your own group, please let me know that as well and I can point you in the right direction. Please use this form: https://tobebrockner.com/contact


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